We are a food manufacturing company who cares about creating and providing unique products for the world.

We pride ourselves on making real food from the best ingredients.

we also pride ourselves on employing incredible human beings and providing a safe and enjoyable workplace for all. 

Some things we are cooking up!

Many more to come!

Our Brands

Ultra Thin Pizza

In 1996 Ultra Thin Pizza Shells were introduced to the culinary world. This is our foodservice brand- we provide a plethora of crusts, they come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. Available for distribution throughout the world via Dot Foods.

Veggie Bursts

We’ve been cooking up a trendsetting innovation. Chef inspired creations that will tempt anyone with falling in love with their veggies again. These products are available in grocery stores and for foodservice application!  All Gluten Free, artisan cheeses and fresh vegetables.

Project Pizza Crusts

A true labor of love!  Handmade sourdough topped pizzas, available in grocery stores and online for anyone anywhere to whip up the best NY Neapolitan style pizza.

Homestead Pantry

Why have waste when you can make an artisan cracker from it?  We take our pizza crusts, top it with freshly grated cheese, bake them and suggest anyone serving them on their next charcuterie board.

The Story

We are a family owned and operated business, if you know, you know it isn’t easy.  Nothing good is easy, is what we hear from our owner Doug often.  As a family we feel extremely grateful to get to work together everyday.  Creating delicious new products for the world regularly. 

In 1996, we created Ultra Thin Pizza Shells & Flatbreads. That was our first step toward becoming the best thin crust pizza manufacturer in the country.

We are passionate about foods, with hundrends of products- from pizza, to veggie products, to foodservice to retail.

Our people create a culture of inclusion, curiosity and diversity — at work and in our communities.
We celebrate our company’s rich history. The iconic moments from our past continue to shape our future.

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